Monday, August 9, 2010

A Lovely Send-Off

Yesterday, the mayor of our little town hosted a huge send-off for all of the Army National Guard soldiers in our community who will be deploying to Iraq in the coming weeks.

The turnout was HUGE. It was so comforting to see so many family members, friends, and neighbors coming together to recognize all of our soldiers. I think it was really good for me, because I have been very focused on my little family of four, and the emotional challenges we've been facing, so this served as a reminder that we're not alone in this, and that possibly I can offer support to another spouse or family member who may need it.

I'm feeling extra thankful for our mayor today - - thankful that he went to the trouble of organizing this event. After all of these years, I think it is easy for the general population to forget that there are service members serving in Iraq anymore.


  1. What a wonderful event! I love how cities/mayors/officiale show their support of the Soldiers!!

  2. Renee, it was really nice. Made me feel so good to see the community come out like that.

  3. Good Luck to you ..sounds like you have everything under control as much as possible..stay strong and carry on..


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