Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Book and a Letter

Camden came home from school yesterday with a book that his teacher gave to him and it is so cute! He was also extra-excited, because in early December, each student in his class wrote a letter to Steve. Today, the class received a letter back from him. I could tell how proud Camden was to have the letter read to his class, and that they spent time talking about his Dad. Steve plans to go in and visit with Camden's class when he's home on R&R, which I bet will be a huge hit.


  1. What a really sweet thing for the teacher to do! And I love hearing how the class wrote so many letters to Steve too. It must've been wonderful for Camden to be able to have his Dad be the star of the show yesterday too when his letter was read out - how awesome! It'll be even more wonderful when he gets to show off his dad real-time to the class too :)

  2. So cute...that is so great that his teacher involves his class in Steve's deployment...I am sure it makes Camden feel special, which helps ease the fact that he is gone a little.


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