Monday, January 10, 2011

Man Chores

First let me start by saying that I am a completely capable woman. I have been through deployment before, and in my husband's absence have supervised home construction projects, dealt with electrical problems, mowed the lawn with one arm while balancing a baby on my hip with the other, dealt with plumbing problems, automobile problems, etc.. You know what I'm saying - - pretty much anything that can go wrong usually does while your spouse is deployed, and you just get through it. That being said, I just have to tell you how much I dislike, and dislike tending to, Man Chores. These are the things that yes, my husband typically does, when he's around. The main two are taking out the garbage, and taking the recyclables to the recycling center. I don't know what it is, but I just have the hardest time working up the ambition to complete either.

Since our garage really isn't being used for anything other than a place to house Steve's car while he's away, it has been way to convenient for me to let the recycling pile to the ceiling. It also has worked as a great "trash room" - - much easier to set the bag of garbage out there, rather than have to "suit up" and walk it out to the alley way. The only problem is, I do it over and over, each time conveniently forgetting that I put trash out there. The next thing I know, I've got 7 bags in a heap, and they still need to make it out to the alley for trash pick up.

Over the weekend, I started the process of trying to reform my ways. All of the garbage bags are in the proper place - - in the cans in the alley. All the recycling has been recycled, although it took me two trips to get it all there. The neighbors must have wondered where I had been storing all of that cardboard.


  1. Garbage is a share responsibility around here, the one who fills it gets to take it out to the garbage can, of course I am a master of filling the can then shaking it so it doesn't look too full. The thing I'm hating is snow shoveling. That's OccDoc's job, even though I usually help him, he does a bulk of it. It snowed a few inches Saturday night and I was waiting for it to melt off, but now it's snowing again, so I might have to drag my ass out there and shovel.

  2. Garbage is actually a shared chore here as well, and, in all honesty, I probably take it out more often than Steve does. I guess I just miss having another person that I can say, "Can you take the garbage out please???" to! I hear you on the shoveling...I keep hoping for no more snow so I won't have to do it...

  3. I am with you totally! Garbage has always been my husbands job. I hate walking it across the parking lot to the bins which are inevitably full and smelly! I absolutely hate it... ONLY 6 more months and he gets his job back.

  4. I'm picturing the garage being chock-full of all your recycling etc! At least having the garage to us in this way helps during the winter months. Despite being completely capable, I can imagine how it feels to temporarily lose the extra pair of hands around the house!

  5. I can imagine how it feels to temporarily lose the extra pair of hands around the house!
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