Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks, Neighbor!

A couple of days ago, I had quite the interesting interaction with my neighbor. By the way, this would be the same neighbor who offered his help, the last time that Steve was deployed. I'd just returned home from picking my oldest up from school, and we were all getting out of the truck. Neighbor is standing out in his front yard, and we have the following exchange:

Neighbor: HEY! So your husband is coming home.
Me: Huh??
Neighbor: Yeah, they are sending the [insert name of my husband's brigade] home because they don't want them over there.
Me: Ummm....I don't thinks so.
Neighbor: Yes they are! So-and-so told me (so-and-so, by the way, isn't anyone I've ever heard of, but apparently his name was supposed to mean something to me).
Me: That's news to me, but I haven't heard anything about it.

Neighbor then responds with a shrug that says, "Whatever, you Stupid Woman."

What was stressing me out during this brief interaction was that one of the boys would pick up on this and then be saying, "Daddy's coming home????" By some small miracle, neither of them seemed to have heard - - they were too busy scrambling out of the truck, thank goodness. Seriously, Crazy Neighbor...use your head! Mind you, this is also the same neighbor who, a couple of hours later, yelled at me for letting my kids push each other up and down the sidewalk in their Cozy Coupe. Apparently the noise it produced wasn't to his liking.


  1. Wow, you're neighbor sounds like a peach! Some people are just so socially awkward and dense!

  2. No kidding, AAW! Some people have no tact.

    Like my upstairs neighbors. They've been fighting (screaming) for a week now. He's been kicked out twice. Then she stomps around ala RiverDance afterwards. Guess who's gonna call HOA??? :D

  3. Ugh. I am so glad the boys didn't hear...some people really don't think before they speak!

  4. I know...I hate to be negative but sometimes it feels good to vent about the dumb things people say! I know for him it probably didn't even register, but really! :)


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