Friday, April 30, 2010

An Introduction

**Edited to add: Just stumbled upon the Milspouse Bloghop over at Riding the Roller Coaster, and wanted to join right in. I have already found so many great milspouse blogs there...what a great idea! If you would like to read a bit more about our military story, then please go here.

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Way Out West: The Deployment Chronicles. Steve has been mobilized to head back to Iraq in the fall, so I wanted a space to chronicle all things deployment/Army/military, separate from my regular blog.

If you are a regular reader of my other blog, then you know I like to write about my boys, crafts, decorating, vintage, cooking/baking, and the like. You won't often hear me complain about much of anything - - not because I don't have struggles and/or complaints like everyone else, but because I really don't enjoy reading other people's complaints, so I choose not to write about them myself. That being said, I'm going to allow this particular space be a place where I document the ups and downs of pre-deployment, deployment, separation, and all the things that inevitably go along with it. I had kind of wished I'd been better about documenting our last deployment, because at this point in time I can't really remember a lot of the details.

So, if you want to read about what we've been baking, cooking, crafting, and doing, then keep on reading my other blog. If you have always wondered what a deployment is like, or have a love one who has been, is, or will be deployed, then please join me here on our journey.


  1. Just saying hello, found your blog on the blog hop!

  2. Hi! I am a new follower found you via the blog hop! :)

  3. Hello hello lovely!!!! I found you through the milspouse hippity hop! I'm also your newest follower.

    My blog is called, Goodnight moon. I love meeting other military wives! FYI..if you think that the "Soldiers Lady" is cool...then you'll enjoy me...we are besties!

  4. I must, must, must follow you! You live in Idaho (I'm from Oregon, but now in Virginia...but Hi, Neighbor!)!

    Love the blog and look forward to reading your back posts!

    I'm Mrs. Wookie from Wookie & Co. Nice to meet you!


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